About Us

The Domestic Carnivore difference will be apparent on your first visit to the store. The easy to find Ancaster Crossing has great highway access and lots of lawn space for tinkle breaks. This convenient parking allows you to safely bring your pets in to the store for some social interaction and treats. We always welcome your pet in the store but ask that they be on leash during your visit.

Inside, you will find a veterinary grade scale for those interested in keeping close tabs on their best friend’s waistline. The rest of the store features 8 freezer doors filled to the brim with the finest quality local suppliers of raw food for pets such as Tollden Farms, Raw Performance, Iron Will Raw, Healthy Paws, Big Box Dinners, Carnivora, Bold Raw, Mega Dog, and Back2Raw.

Our Raw Meaty Bones freezers feature products from Iron Will Raw and Tollden Farms. We also have a number of bones from local farmers, such as turkey necks, chicken backs, and duck feet, that are available as singles or in various bulk weights for maximum convenience.