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The wood used for Dentler Java Chews is a natural byproduct of pruning coffee trees. Coffee trees grow in mountainous regions in tropical climates. The wood is very hard and durable. Regular pruning at plantations and replacement of non-fruit-bearing coffee trees produces excess java wood that’s collected in an eco-friendly way. The annual java wood harvest is carried out with the utmost respect for the environment. Trees are never cut or uprooted for the sole purpose of turning them into a commercial product.


In addition to being extremely hard, Java wood is also naturally free of insects. No chemical treatments are required to eliminate pests. After it’s harvested, Java wood is simply cut to size and sanded. The result is high-quality, splinter-free, 100% natural wood chews with exceptional durability. Fine fibers come off the wood as it’s chewed and clean your dog’s teeth like dental floss. Dentler Java Wood Chews are a great choice for your dog and the environment!

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